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Why Telco's are racing to use drones for inspection of towers.

Inspecting and maintaining network assets and infrastructure across a large geographic landscape is both labour intensive and expensive with significant risk mitigations to human health and safety to manage.

Drone technology offers a powerful way for enterprises to conduct remote asset inspections during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Telcos and MNOs are already beginning to leverage drone technology to automate cell tower inspections, boost operational efficiency, and accelerate the rollout of 5G infrastructure. As connectivity improves and automation increases, we can expect to see drones at the edge, completing autonomous missions, and uploading data directly to the cloud, bringing substantial business benefit to telcos and other enterprises.

The solution

A full end to end drone capture to digital twin production that integrates into existing tower inspection and management operations.

With pilots trained to carry out additional inspection activities and where required to provide maintenance on site, Towerana is able to significantly reduce cost and risk of managing a portfolio of towers.

Where towers sell space on towers to 3rd parties inspection services can be resold by towerco operators to deliver further economic benefit.

What should you consider when designing your remote inspection

A well designed drone inspection program should achieve the following objectives

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